Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am a MESS today! I'm exhausted. I woke up at 2:30am and couldn't fall back to sleep until early this morning. When I did fall asleep it wasn't restful.
I HAVE to get up because I promised Nana I'd go with her for her first naturopath apppointment. I just crawled out of bed, grabbed my glasses and noticed, there on my nightstand, a blue, tiny, oval shaped pill.

Uggggh! Why was my estrogen replacement still on my nightstand this morning?!
I went to bed at 9:30pm last night. 9:30! I don't go to bed at 9:30pm.
I was trying to get plenty of rest and be "good". No wonder I couldn't sleep. No wonder I tossed and turned and was agitated like all get out.

Ladies, if you still have ovaries, be grateful. They are making MUCH needed hormones for your health and well-being. AND they do it without much help from you. Be glad you can't forget and wake-up with an ovary sitting on your nightstand.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Household Tip #5: Lemon Cubes

More fun with lidded ice cube trays! Our very own Nana buys a giant bag of lemons, juices them (i.e. Papa does it) and pours the juice into ice cube trays. We thaw a cube or two for use in: salad dressing or other recipes, a dip for seafood, etc...

The whole process doesn't take too long and helps keep fresh lemon juice on hand.

Here are a few thoughts on buying lemons.

•For the freshest cubes, buy real lemons not a concentrate. We get the big bag from Costco. If you only want to make one tray at a time you can get a smaller bag at the grocery store or just buy as many lemons as needed.
Drawback- more time needed to juice.

•For the fastest cubes, buy the large bottles of ReaLemon from Costco and pour into trays. The frozen cubes will keep much longer than the refrigerated juice. I always seem to need lemon juice a week or two after my 2/3 full bottle has expired. Drawback-not as fresh as, well, fresh!

•For the nicest looking lemons, try looking in the seafood department. The fish guy at Haggen told me most grocery stores get nicer lemons sent to their department and I have noticed that it's true.

•For the healthiest lemons, you can buy organic. The question is, for the amount of lemon juice being consumed at any one time is the price difference really worth it? You decide.

A short word on juicing.

If you have a juicer fantastic!
If you have a KitchenAid mixer, did you know they make an attachment for juicing?
They do and it works great!

For hand juicing, it helps to set the juicer on the kitchen table instead of the counter
(unless you're really tall). Having the work surface lower allows you better leverage. You might want to put a towel under the juicer for "sticky" prevention.

For whatever juicer you use, I encourage you to cut all the lemons in half before you start.
Wet, juicy hands + sharp knife + moving machinery=Trip to ER, possibly. Remember, BE SAFE!

Finally, if this "ice cube thing" becomes something you do regularly, buy ice cube trays with different colored lids or at least label somehow. Designate certain trays for garlic only.
If you fill a "garlic only" tray with lemon juice, your juice may have a hint of garlic to it.
Consider yourself warned!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh! It's Not All Bad

I've been lamenting the office so much I totally forgot about the kitchen and family room!
Yea for me!!

Here they are:

The bookshelf needs work but at least we can walk in here!

Keepin' it Real and being, well, scary

I know, no excuses, but I am still tired from sleeping beauty's virus.
I am appreciating my recent bout with health as I am reminded what my sick-normal life was like.
How did I live like that for soooo long?

I'm stalling. How are you? See, still stalling. Oh, alright. The nightstand is updated and it's not better than last week. TM and new school books are happily collected all around my bed.
After I look everything over it'll be gone.
But for now, you know, watch where you walk!

Now for the scary. (dun,dun,duuuuuh) The dreaded office. Re-organizing always looks worst before it gets better, right? Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
"I can explain Officer, really." What? I know stalling. I'm a band-aid ripper off-er by nature so here we go. The office in all of it's very cluttered glory.

(I can't look...)

Yes as a matter of fact I did select "small" for the image size.
Give a girl a break will ya.
And no I don't know why I have dental floss on my desk when I do that in that bathroom.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Caution Wet Floor

This sign has been in my intended path when I've been late for a doctor's appointment. Or I've had "ideas" that I was going to "run into the mall" for "just a quick second" to grab something only to come across a very leisurely maintenance man mopping down the floor in front of the store I needed to go into.

Now keep in mind, there have been plenty of times when I wasn't in a hurry that I've seen this sign and it hasn't phased me one bit. I smile and re-direct my course. No problemo.

I'm talking about the other times. When I need to be somewhere. When I have things to do. When I have a plan in my head that has to be carried out.

It's those times that I don't like this sign. What do you mean I can't go there?! What do you mean I have to wait?!

I saw one of these signs the other day. It was folded and tucked into a corner. I was free to roam. I don't know why it even caught my eye, but it did.

As I stared at that sign I realized a few things. First, the sign in itself was not a bad thing. Second, the people that put up the sign weren't out to get me. They were actually keeping me safe. Wet floors ARE slippery. People slip and fall all the time. It ain't pretty. And it sure is painful.

So how come when I'm in a hurry I'm not grateful to see that sign? Hmmm maybe when I'm in a hurry I'm like a two-year old that just wants what she wants when she wants it.

There are things I pray about/for that I'm kinda in a hurry to see answered in the way that I want 'em to be answered. All I see is "Caution Wet Floor" in front of me.

I get irritated. AT GOD. It's so silly.
He puts boundaries in my life to keep me safe yet I don't see a protective hand. To my limited vision I see a "mean" limitation. I start to whine.

He keeps reminding me that He has work I know nothing about. He keeps reminding me that the places I want to go and things I want to do need to prepared and readied for me. I need to be prepared and readied for them.

He reminds me to remember His heart towards me when He says, "No." Or not yet. Or maybe.

I'm sure you know what's coming,

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us.

But wait, there's more. Look at the whole thought:

This is what the Lord says: "When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place.
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
I will be found by you," declares the Lord, "and will bring you back from captivity.
I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you," declares the Lord, "and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile."

I know He's talking to the children of Israel specifically here. But we can learn the Heart of the Lord from this passage. Don't miss His heart that says to us:

•I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise (that Jesus is coming back for us).

•I know the plans I have for you (in my Father's house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you).

•You call upon me and pray (I'm listening-pray without ceasing)

•You will seek me and find me (Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you).

•I will bring you back from captivity (For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death).

•I will gather you from the places I banished you and bring you back (He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he will not go out from it anymore; and I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God, and My new name; Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer {any} sea).

Lord, I pray that my heart would be fully submitted to You. Help me trust that You have my very best in mind. May I never rush around the boundaries You've placed in my life. May I wait and trust in You to open the doors I should walk through. May I patiently sit in places You've provided. Thank You for the precious thoughts You have towards me. Tilt my face towards You and grow gratefulness in my heart. Amen.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Creation to the Greeks: Getting Ready!

Well our box is unpacked and we've had a chance to look at most of our stuff for school this year. We are all very excited! We are starting the first year of a four-year chronological study through history.
This year is called Creation to the Greeks since that is the time period we're studying.

For our studies in Bible/History we will use:
our Bible and these books-

For science we have:

For language arts we use
and a little extra for the eldest

Writing for the girls with

for the girls and Spelling by Sound and Structure for the boy.

Greek vocabulary for all (Latin next year) using

Music and Art:

and in addition to various library books we will read aloud these:

All three do Singapore Math (5a & b, 3a & b and 2a & b respectively) and perhaps we'll do some Learning Vitamins math drills while we're at it.

Thankfully MFW provides an excellent teacher's manual so we'll know what to do and when!

We'll also squeeze in some Rosetta Stone Hebrew for a foreign language.

It looks like a busy and wonderfully rich year.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Making Vocabulary Cards

I cleaned the office a little. It wasn't very fast moving work. I thought I would liven it up by multi-tasking.

This year the kiddos will learn Greek root words (and Latin roots next year).
The author recommends edging the front of the index cards in
green for Greek
cards and
red for Rome (Latin) cards.

With three kids and 50-ish words this year, that is a lot of edging.
Sooo, while I cleaned the office I printed green borders on the cards.
Now they are all ready!

The students will write the definition on the back of each card.

They'll get to write back here.

The author suggests the teacher writing in blue ink the Greek word on the front of the card. Multiplied by three, again too much work. Since I had already formatted the printer to print directly on the index card I just ran each card back through.
This time the Greek root word was printed on each card.

They are all done. It was really simple and they look great.
The office on the other hand...

Well, there's always tomorrow :)

Re-formatting Printer

To go with the vocabulary cards, here are instructions that should work with most printers when printing out of Word.

If your printer will allow you to customize your paper size, you can create a Word Document with a colored border and print right onto the index card.

Open Word and select New Blank Document.
Under File, select Page Setup
Change Paper Size to 4 x 6 borderless. Save Changes

Now with your blank document on the screen find FORMAT. There s/b a drop down, select Borders and Shading.

There s/b three tabs to choose from. Select PAGE Border

Setting: Click BOX
Style: Click the solid line
Color: Select either green or red depending on Greek or Latin words
Width: Select either 4 1/2 point or 6 point

Apply to: Whole Document

Don't leave this page yet. There s/b an options button. Click it and a margin window should pop-up. Set the margins to 10 pt on all four sides.
For Measure From: select edge of page. Hit 'OK'. Then Hit OK again.

You should now be back to your document which will still look BLANK.

Hit the print button and a preview should come up and you will see the border.

Make sure it looks right. Adjust margins, etc... as needed and print a test card. Make sure card is loaded in the same orientation as it was set-up (vertical most likely) and that you are printing on the blank side (not the lined side).

Over Due

In light of yesterday's post, I think an introduction is highly over due.

Let me introduce (drum-roll please): The Captain.

How do I begin to describe my husband?
He makes me laugh all the time.
He is patient beyond comprehension. He is all that is respectable, responsible, and revolutionary. Revolutionary? Yeah. In a time when men/husbands/fathers are being depicted as brainless, childish ego maniacs my dear hubby stands stubbornly apart.

Instead, he is godly, smart, thoughtful, kind, generous, and content but most of all he is a grown-up in every sense of the word. He is not easily swayed by my emotions but he doesn't make me feel bad for being a "girl" and having them. He has stayed up many a sleepless night giving me counsel and comfort. He knows ALL my dirt and never, not even once, thrown it back in my face or used it to hurt me. It wouldn't even occur to him.

Is he perfect? Well, no. But is he close? Oh yeah.

He models Jesus to me every single day...

While never, ever taking himself too seriously.

Edited to add: This picture was NOT taken on his or anyone else's birthday. Nana brought these elephant hat thingys home from somewhere (no idea). He just saw them laying around so decided to wear one!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Household Tip #4: Kaptain Karl's Kreative Spider Killing

When it is very late at night and you are tired but, as you crawl into bed, notice a spider on the vaulted ceiling above you, grab a nearby exercise ball and

bounce it on the ceiling.

Because the ball is sooooo big and the spider is sooooo small, you can kill it in 3,
count 'em, 3 bounces.

Added bonus: You make your wife laugh REALLY HARD and provide her with a post topic for her blog.

I wish I had a video of this. He was not two seconds in bed after a very long and busy day when he noticed this spider. He let out this big sigh and scanned the room. I turned my back on him for a split second!
The next thing I knew he's standing there with this ginormous exercise ball in his hands.

I'm like, "What are you doing with that?"

He just looked at me. Then he looked at the spider. He looked back at me. Then he bounced it!
Because it was on a vault, the angle of the ceiling was perfect for the ball to bounce right back to him. It was a perfect hit. We know because the spider was dangling by a few legs trying to figure out how a small planet got into the house.

Still dangling but a couple of legs had fallen off...

Ah, gravity.

The rest of the spider fell. Karl scooped him and all his leg parts up with a tissue and threw him away.
Voila! Time for bed.

(For useful household tips, check Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks In My Dryer)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hidden Treasures

I love cleaning! You can find all kinds of good things you didn't know you had. Ta-dah! This is my new read. I love Ron Mehl
(Jesus please give Ron a hug from me) and I am enjoying this book very, very much.

Here is a teaser from Chapter 2, page 23:
What Temptation Is

Temptation, at its core, is a shortcut.

It's the fast track to quick results. Satan's strategy against Christians usually suggests we do three things:
move quickly, think shallowly, and invest deeply.

When we move quickly we are prone to surrender to the unbridled desires of the flesh. The flesh is driven by sudden urges and fleeting passions, not by deliberate convictions.

When we think shallowly we don't take the time to weigh and consider the ramifications or consequences of our choices.

When we invest ourselves deeply in an action, attitude, or thought pattern it becomes increasingly difficult to withdraw.

Temptation masquerades as better, quicker, and easier, but is in the end a more expensive and painful way. Its offerings are deceptive and always second best... temptation looks, sounds and feels good on the surface. But beneath its facade, the reward is short-term and the consequences are long-term.

He's good huh?

Icing on the cake

Last night I wrote about being convicted for my Martha, work-based ways. Right after that post I went to bed. As you know, my right-before-bed devotional is A Pillar By Day by Jon Courson. I know I shouldn't be surprised by this. Especially since He does this all the time. But I had to smile and marvel once again at the goodness of God.

I was very teary and tender-hearted when I climbed into bed. I picked up my book and it was like the Lord saying, "I know and it's okay. We're okay, don't worry."

Again, a paraphrase wouldn't do it justice. Here is Jon's A Pillar By Day entry for July 22:

And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Thou shalt also make a laver of brass, and his foot also of brass, to wash withal: and thou shalt put it between the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar, and thou shalt wash their hands and their feet thereat: When they go into the tabernacle of the congregation, they shall wash with water, that they die not. Exodus 30:17-20

The laver wherein the priest were to wash was to be made of brass. Throughout Scripture, brass is the metal of judgment. Where did the children of Israel get the brass to make the laver? Exodus 38 tells the story. When construction of the tabernacle actually began, the women donated the brass looking glasses they had been given in Egypt. I find this more than coincidental because James likens the Word to a mirror (1:23-25). And therein lies the problem. You see, when we open the Word, we see our reflection, and it's not as it should be. We see our failures and flaws, our sins and shortcomings. And although we understand that the Word brings benefits to those who study it, sometimes we become exhausted by trying to live up to its standards.

But wait, the brass laver was filled with water. Without water, all one would see was the reflection of his flaws and failures, but without a way to rid himself of them. But the addition of water made the laver refreshing and renewing. "All you who thirst, come to Me, " Jesus said, "and out of your innermost being shall gush forth torrents of living water" (see John 7:37-38).

I was at a point some years ago when I was reading through the Gospels as I love to do. But I was weary. I came to the portion where Jesus touched a leper and the leper was cleansed. And I heard myself saying, "I need to be helping people physically just like Jesus did."

Then I turned the page and saw how Jesus touched the ears and tongue of a man unable to hear and speak. And I found myself thinking, "I need to find some dumb guys and help them just like Jesus did."

Then I turned the page and read how Jesus had compassion on the multitudes and fed 5,000 hungry men. And I said ,"That's the way it ought to be. I need to get involved in World Vision or Compassion International and help feed hungry people."

Then I saw Jesus blessing kids and thought, " I need to work with kids."

Then I saw how Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee, and was reminded of those I knew whose marriages were on the rocks, whose lives were in turmoil, and I decided I should do what I could to see those storms stilled.

Then I read how Jesus defended the woman caught in adultery, and felt that I should stand up for those who are socially or politically oppressed.

And at the end, I was exhausted. Finally, I said, "I just can't read another chapter. I can't do it. Jesus, I am impressed with You. I see the rightness of what You do. But I can't do all the things You did."

And it was at that moment that the Lord whispered in my heart, "Exactly. You have yourself in the wrong position. I am the One who touches the leper. I am the One who blesses the children. I am the One who feeds the hungry. I am the One who makes the dumb to speak. I am the One who stands up for the woman. I am the One who calms the storms. It's not you. It's Me."

"I get it," I said. "You are the Christ. I'm not. That makes me the leper. I am being eaten away everyday by my sin and carnality. Yet every day You come my way and touch and restore my life. I am the dumb guy. I say things I shouldn't say. I put my foot in my mouth. Yet You're there to forgive me and straighten me out. I am the deaf man. But You never give up on me. You open my ears, You renew my thoughts. I am the little child who needs a touch from You. I'm the hungry one, and only You can meet the need within me. I'm the one caught in adultery, and You're there to forgive me. I'm the one caught in the storm, and You're the One who walks out to rescue me. I have been reading my Bible all wrong. No wonder I have been so weary, so reluctant to keep reading. I have placed myself in the wrong role. You are the Christ; I'm the leper. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for Your patience. Where would I be without You?"

And when the Lord adjusted my thinking, Scripture reading became a total joy once again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Gentle Reminder

As per previous two posts, I've been cleaning. Although there is a ton to be done, one fact remains. Our whole family can work like crazy people this next week getting rid of clutter and cleaning up. But guess what? In another week no one will be able to tell.

Newsflash! [On this side of heaven] There will always be dishes and laundry waiting to be done. Dust? Oh, dust is here to stay. You can send it on a short vacation but you can never get rid of it forever.

I'm not giving up on tidying our abode. I'm still getting rid of lots we don't need or use that could bless someone else. But in the middle of my clutter combat I came across something I wrote back in 2001.

It's titled, Summer's Bounty. I haven't read it in years but I stopped and read it tonight. I realized that I was needing a remedial lesson in priorities. The Lord was kind enough to give me a gentle reminder that my relationship with Him isn't based on my work and effort. Our relationship is based on His blood and His love for me. Yes there are day to day tasks that I need to do in order to care for our family. But my cleaning frenzy these last two days eclipsed my true need to sit at His feet.

I've been Martha instead of Mary.

Two days of Martha on top of three days of being Lazarus in my sick bed. Has it really been five days without an extended time with my Jesus? If Karl were gone for five days I'd be cuckoo. We would talk on the phone at least once a day if it were possible.
How did I not talk to Him for that long and not even notice?

I have no good answer. But I do have a remedy. Based on Revelation 2:5, Remember, Repent, and Repeat.
Remember what my life was like before Jesus washed it clean.
Repent (make a U-turn)
Repeat the things I used to do when Jesus first made me His Bride.

I think the band Telecast says it best in their song "Remember"

Remember repent and repeat
Come fall at the Saviors feet
Let us leave the dry land
And rest in God's plan
Where all who are thirsty can drink
We are the ones who believed
In Jesus our Savior and King
We are held in His hand
And rest in His plan
Where all who are thirsty can drink

We're down on our knees
We're closing our eyes
We're hiding Your word deep inside
And Lord You know that we will always serve You
We're down on our knees
We're closing our eyes
We're hiding Your word deep inside
And Lord You know that we will always love You

For those interested, "Summer's Bounty" is posted in its entirety on miscel(Lainie)ous.

Taking Off and Putting On

I am going to practice taking off this attitude:

While practice putting these on:

It's Time

We've been having waaaayyyy too much fun this summer. How do I know this?

Our house is a MESS!

It's totally driving me crazy. As a way to externally motivate myself, I'm threatening to take pictures of every single room and closet of my house and post them on this site.

Yes, I know it's crazy to threaten yourself but desperate times call for desperate measures. I've given myself until Monday to clean this joint up. And yes I do have three little helpers. They're not quite voluntary but they'll do.

Yesterday I pulled everything out of the kitchen (so NOT Fly Lady protocol) and cleaned it and put back what was going back. I still have one laundry basket full of ?stuff? that has to be contended with. But other than that it was very satisfying.

Today it's been the family room. I'm exhausted but I can't stop. Some sort of weird psychosis I think. I'm posting right now just to make myself sit for a few minutes.

Oooh, sitting is bad.

Because now I'm thinking (which can be dangerous) plus I'm leaning towards a nap.

Did I mention I'm exhausted?

What was I thinking about? Hmmm... oh yeah, now I got it. I was starting to get really irritated by all the clutter in our house.

And How come no one ever picks up! yadda yadda yadda.

My dear hubby works hard, long hours so that I can stay home and be with the chillins'.

I leave my stuff all over the place probably more than they do. See my nightstand for confirmation of this. So, I figure, when my stuff is neat and organized then I can holler at everybody else. But until then, I needed to be quiet and do my job for crying out loud.

Yup, this is exactly the pep talk I needed.

I had better get off this computer and start cleaning again. If I'm not finished by Monday, you may be forced to look at really scary pictures.

The swift kick I needed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More Nana-isms

After reading the last post, Liesl wanted me to include a couple more.

When irritated Nana can be heard muttering:
"This bugs me crazy."

If she suspects you're lost, she will ask:
"Are you chasing the goose?"

Yes, around here you just have to understand that "paper towels" are "towel papers" and we don't turn off lights we "close the lights."

You never know, these just might catch on. Nana's been known to be pretty "hipped" in her day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Apparently, things are getting a little lost in the translation.

Nana was telling me about all the fun Liesl and I missed yesterday. There was a BBQ and all the kids were playing outside. Our neighbor made this killer blueberry and cherry cobbler. She was kind enough to set some aside for me so I actually got to have some. Anyway, Nana was telling me all about it.

She then tells me that Kurt was outside playing his violin. All the neighborhood kids were surrounding him watching him play. Keep in mind, he's only been playing since March. His repertoire consists of variations of Twinkle, Twinkle and an occasional rendition of Lightly Row. But this is her grandson so she is as proud as can be.

Now for the Nana-ism:
"You should of seen him Lain, he was like the roof on the fiddler."


"You know the roof on the fiddler."

Ma, you mean the Fiddler on the Roof?

"Yeah, that's what I said, "The roof on the fiddler."

Okee-dokee then...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I have to say...

I grabbed a dragonfruit VitaminWater out of the 'frig. I can't believe how good it felt going down with this sore throat and fever.

Karl has a coupon and is headed to Costco to pick up a case this very moment.

Thank you honey!

Alright, NOW I'm going back to bed.
And yes I gave some to Liesl (her fever is 103 by the way).

Noody Night


Liesl and I have sleeping beauty's virus. I feel like someone took a baseball bat to all my joints. I'm going back to bed.
Hopefully, you'll hear from me in a few days.

The good news is we received our "box" with new curriculum this week. Being sick won't be so bad now that I can curl up with my teacher's manual. I am excited but I'm so exhausted I can't even work up an exclamation point.
Boy, I must really be sick!
Oh, there it is :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I just have to tell you this... so Monday the kids were playing in the hallway. Brigitta crawls into Kurt's sleeping bag in the hallway in the middle of the afternoon and falls asleep.

Tuesday: The girls go to ballet, come home and all three sit and watch a DVD from the library.

In order to not embarrass my eldest I will disguise the title-- Schmob the Schuilder. (I totally stole that disguising technique from the Rocks In My Dryer gal- shhhh- don't tell,hee hee)

Anyway, they're all sitting on the floor watching when Liesl tiptoes over to me and says,

"Isn't she so sweet?"

Who's sweet?

"Cha-chi, (Liesl's nickname for Brigitta) she's sleeping."

Sleeping? It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon?! hmm.

I tiptoe over. Sure enough, she is OUT.

I reach down and touch her head. Hmmm... she's a little warm.

I wonder just how warm she is?

(tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe)

get the ear temp

(tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe)

brush away hair, stick in ear, BEEP-


Apparently, there was some little bug going around ballet. Spike a temp, sleep a ton for a day or so, get totally spoiled by your family, get out of chores, then BOOM you're better! Go to church on Thursday night and drink your chocolate milkshake right on schedule.

But that's not the best part. By Wednesday her fever was pretty much gone but she was still laying low and hanging out on the couch with a blankie and a book. She gets up to go upstairs just as Nana is walking in the front door.

Okay now you really need to get a picture of this in your mind. She's got this huge comforter draped around her and she's shuffling towards the stairs.

Nana's walking in and is headed towards the stairs to pass into the family room. Brigitta sees Nana come in and knows she's still a little sick.

So what does my recently fevered, tends-to-be-quiet child do?

She covers her lower face with the blanket and starts shouting, "Unclean! Unclean!"

I almost PMP.

I hope y'all know why this is funny. I can explain it to you but it'll be too late. It won't be funny any more.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Household Tip #3: Garlic Cubes

We love using fresh garlic in our cooking. However, I don't like having to peel them every time I cook. We love buying the peeled garlic cloves available at Costco. However, the quantity is so large and the expiration date so short that we never go through the whole container before it goes bad. We hate wasting food. So, what to do?

Well our very brilliant Nana has the answer.

She buys the Christopher Ranch peeled garlic cloves from Costco.

Then she cuts the ends off and minces the cloves in a food processor.

She spoons the garlic into lidded (to contain odors) ice cube trays and places them into the freezer.

It's amazing how much flavor they retain! You can pull out one cube at a time (use a fork). Or you can pop them all out after they are frozen and store them in a freezer bag. One cube of minced garlic is approximately equal to 4 cloves. It thaws very quickly and you can use it the way you would fresh garlic.

Fresh, Fast, Fabulous!

Looking for something??