Monday, June 23, 2008

What's Up with the Nightstand

My nightstand seems to be the place I dump my brain, heart and life at the end of the day. If you want to know where I'm at or what I'm into just peek at my nightstand and you'll know.

I always have these lofty ideas of the things I'm going to read in bed. But lo and behold as I soon as I lay down in that soft, warm, cuddly place BAM! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So much for good intentions!

Now, what's on your nightstand? hmmmmm

I think we'll make Monday "Nightstand" day. Why not?


Andrea Bell said...

My nightstand...lamp with a very soothing warm glow, a bottle of lotion which I never use, and small speakers with a lonely cord, that is begging me to plug in my ipod so I can fall asleep to the likes of Corrie ten Boom, Gayle Erwin, Jon Courson, Major Ian Thomas, Aw Tozer. I keep hoping some of it will sink in some day and that I will wake up some morning and finally "heart get" the wisdom they are trying to impart to me. For now...I can definitely quote alot of things:) ehhehehe

"Maggie" said...

Is that seriously all you have on your nightstand? I'm ashamed. I'll try to de-clutter very, very soon.

Andrea Bell said...

yep...usually my Bible and current study is on there too...but I haven't unpacked my bag yet..:) eehhehe

depends on the night...but pretty much...but in my little room I have three bookcases surround me, two at the side of my bed(night tables) and one at the end on the I kinda have my book collections all around me...just contained. :) ehhehehe

kimclogs said...

My nightstand is actually not too crowded right now. My formal dining room table that's another story! Back to the nightstand...One of 2 lamps that I've had since my childhood days that I glazed, painted and bought new shades for. One of those rare crafty moments that actually worked out well! My home phone in it's charger. On the bottom shelf I have 3 books: Home Schooling 101,Charlotte Mason Companion, and When Children Love to Learn (all very dusty), and my Club Sport Jr. Programming Guide for Summer 2008. Oh, I also have the top to a water bottle sitting all alone on the top shelf. Not sure what happen to the water bottle though:-)

Lainie said...

Thanks for the reminder Kim. I forgot to mention dust! Plenty of that in between the piles of stuff.

Hey, I want to see the lamps. I love lighting you know. Got any pictures?

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