Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Household Tip #1: Squeezy bottles

This has been my favorite tip for awhile. I buy a pack of squeezy bottles from Cash N' Carry or a local bakery supply shop like Decorette Shop (because they carry food grade bottles) and use them for just about everything.

For those with High Efficiency washers that have itty bitty little detergent cups, filling is a breeze.

We have a FisherPaykel dishwasher with a tiny detergent cup so I filled one of those squeeze bottles with Cascade and cut the tip off to increase the opening. Now I can fill the cup and not make a huge mess because I can aim the tip right into the cup.

I started using the bottles when I was doing Weight Watchers recipes. Everything had to be measured and trying to pour oil into a tablespoon measurement was killing my shoulder.

I filled up a bottle and I could, again, fill and measure without dripping and making a mess. And it wasn't so heavy so I didn't irritate my hurt shoulder.

But, my love for the squeezy bottle has been renewed since Liesl has started cooking. We have a huge bottle of real vanilla that our friend Marna brought back from Mexico. I pour a little in the squeeze bottle so she doesn't have to try to wrestle with a bottle that's almost as big as she is while measuring a teaspoon. Now making "Wookie Cookies" is a breeze.

For Costco shoppers, I buy big bottle of shampoo and conditioner for the kids. But if they don't have a pump dispenser, I, guess what?

I put it into a squeeze bottle and the kids can easily pour out the shampoo, body wash, etc... and not risk a big, heavy bottle slipping out of their small, wet hands and smashing their toes!

So really squeezy bottles can practically save your life (clear throat). Okay maybe not life saving but really helpful in our Costco-sized world to make everyday household supplies more manageable.

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Kim said...

I must have missed this one when you originally posted it. Great tip!

Carol said...

That's what those cool little bottles are for? Awesome! I have a 12 y/o that can't manage a shampoo bottle unless it has a pump. I all all over this idea! Thanks!

Hadley Coble said...

great idea! I especially love the shampoo idea!

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