Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heat Relief

We knew it was going to be hot today.  I don't do heat.  So how did I fare?  Very well!  I invited our family over to a friend's house.  They have a neighborhood pool, air conditioning, children our children like to play with, a dog AND a puppy, a wii, and a hubby/daddy that can cook like all get out and a wife/mommy who a) entertains seemingly effortless b) makes me laugh, and c) is one of my very best girlfriends.  If it's gonna be hot, invite yourself over to the home a good friend where the food is delicious, the laughter abundant and the love unconditional.

Thank you Mark and Holli!

Oh and they had both sugar and cake ice cream cones!  

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Mamahollioni said...

You're so are welcome to invite yourself over ANYTIME!

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