Monday, June 30, 2008

Bearing falsely

Okay so confession time. -deep breath- The reason why that passage [from previous post] was so convicting to me is:

A) I bear false witness against my children. I really try not to but when I am frustrated with their behavior (which of course is usually a result of my/our parenting) I vent and talk about them instead of wisely praying for them.

B) Same is true of my husband. Although I do not usually bear false witness against him to people. I have and still do bear false witness against him to GOD. My "prayers" are more complaints. God's grace is huge towards me.

C) Everyone else fits in this category. Are my prayers for blessing in someone else's life or are they "why don't you fix 'em Lord" prayers of judgment on my part?

I am comforted to know that at this moment of repentance, I have already received God's grace and He is not accusing me and I do not need to bear false witness of myself. I too am positionally pure before God. May I walk in it today and each day.


Andrea Bell said...

BeeBoop-Thank you Jesus that you have a GraceCard with a limitless credit limit!!!

Kimclogs said...

Wow! That really hits home for me. Thank you for that bit of wisdom and insight. I can especially relate to...all of it:-) I love how God works through you to get me to sit up and pay attention. Love you Miss Mags!

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