Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing: The Cast

Hopping right along...

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop

This week is student photo week. Since these photos (taken last year) are in my sidebars, I thought I would add some "new" information.

"New" is in quotes because if you have been around here for any length of time you probably already know all this stuff :)

The Eldest and Resident Smarty Pants
The Eldest and resident Smarty Pants

Blog name "Leisl"- entering 7th grade.
Thoughtful, brilliant with a wide streak of silly.
She wants to make films when she is older. ** Attention-- Miss Bossy Knickers is asking that I amend this sentence to read, "She wants to make films professionally when she is older."

I am reminding her that she is not officially a film maker until we get it finished!

She admires Peter Jackson (currently), playing the violin, writing, listening to scores and eating.

You can read more about her "Boy" craze here.

God packed a whole lot into this tiny, little package.

The Tallest and Resident Sweetheart
The Tallest and resident Sweetheart

Blog name "Brigitta"--entering 5th grade
Sweet, gentle yet curiously strong!
She also plays violin and still dabbles in piano.

She wants to be a teacher, nurse, missionary or all three.
She is collecting pennies--her goal is one million. She plans to donate them to fund bible translation.

You can read about her tendency to disappear here.

God was generous when He shared her with us. She still takes our breath away.


The BOY: The Youngest and Resident Comedian
The Boy: The youngest and resident comedian

Blog name "Kurt"-- entering 3rd grade
Hilarious, tender and very loud.

Our third violinist that might switch over to cello... He loves the drums too.
He plans on being busy when he grows up.
He wants to be a firefighter, police man, doctor and a pastor.
He loves living life and play with Legos.

His thoughts on the futures of Star Wars characters are here.

God named this little guy Himself.
His full name means, "A stubborn warrior whose God is Lord."
May he grown up to be his name.

*** A big welcome to all Life with My 3 Boybarians visitors. Make yourself at home :) ***



Sisterlisa said...

Hello little ones. Great photos and I love the blogosphere names. :O)

Julie said...

love all the personalities!! that poor young man with 2 sisters! my boys would love a sister but i am afraid she would be way too girly girl for them and me to handle!!!

Kiva, Farmstead Lade said...

Your kids are beautiful!!! So glad you stopped by and I was able to return the visit, great blog and please do add the bacon to the potatoes...I love bacon. :)

Darcy @ m3b said...

Sure do wish you lived closer, gf.

We'd have great coffee dates.

I love that you gave your kids Sound of Music names. Awesome.

Lainie said...

I hear ya Darcy! Although, there is BlogHer 2010 in NYC... hmmmm....

Sisterlisa, the kiddos say "HI" back :)

Hey Julie, no worries, our girls love Legos, Star Wars and light sabers :) So it's all good for The Boy.

Thank you Kiva and yes the bacon on the potatoes is calling my name today!

Tracy said...

Beautiful Family!

Looking for something??